If you want to be more dateable, it's easy. Just go knock out a quick decade of medical school and boom, you're golden. A new survey by eHarmony.com asked single people in the US what jobs make a person dating and relationship material.

The top responses are:

  • Doctor or nurse
  • Teacher or professor
  • Veterinarian
  • Firefighter or police officer
  • Engineer or architect
  • Lawyer
  • Computing and I.T.
  • Artist or designer
  • Office worker
  • Writer

I noticed 'Star Wars Expert' is not present on the list. Hm.

The job that's the biggest turn-off is...

Politician. That is probably not too shocking, right? I'd wager Star Wars Expert would appear higher if it was an option. Yes, I'm kinda bitter about that not showing up on this list.

The survey also found that FOOD is very important when it comes to dating. 34% of people say it's important for someone to like going out to restaurants which makes that the most desirable 'interest.'

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