I have to get up pretty early everyday. My alarm goes off at 4AM. I leave my apartment at 4:45for the 30 minute drive to the radio station every weekday. Because I get up so early, I (should) go to bed about 9ish every night. Sometimes that is easier said then done. Be it phone calls, emails, house work (I mean I AM a bachelor), the occasional video game, or I get caught up in a TV show...sometimes that 9pm bed time comes and goes.

According to a survey from Royal Phillips, there are 4 main things people prioritize over getting a good night of sleep.

1. Spending time with our family.  46% say it's more important than getting good sleep.

2. Spending quality time with our significant other, 43%.

3. Watching TV or movies, 30%.

4. Sending work emails, 30%.

The survey also found 82% feel the negative effects of not enough sleep.

1. Looking tired

2. Being less productive

3. Feeling unmotivated

Some wear not getting enough sleep well. I mean look at me! Ok, don't look at me. Bad example. And when they say "Spending quality time with our significant other" do they mean time with my PlayStation. Then I'm guilty! Get some sleep, or none of us will stand a chance in the zombie apocalypse!

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