You're probably having a hard time imagining humid summer nights right now, but luckily, the forecast is changing and those mild temps will soon arrive. What's more fun than taking the family to a night at the drive in? And this nearby theater also happens to have free admission.

Not only is the Blue Moonlight Drive-in Theater in Galesburg free, but they're also showing one of the best movies of all time (in my humble opinion) on their opening weekend--ET. You can catch the flick in just a few weeks, on May 11 and May 12 at 7:30 PM. Check out more info about the event here.

Although the theater has free admission, they do ask that you not bring outside food in, and instead purchase snacks from the concession stand. That seems totally understandable considering the money you save on tickets.

You won't find the newest blockbuster hits at this drive-in, but I'm completely fine with that. I love the idea of re-watching the movies I grew up with on the big screen. The Blue Moonlight will be showing plenty of other family-friendly films this year, including Indian in the Cupboard, Space Jam, and The Addams Family. Here's what they have scheduled so far for this summer.

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