We all love a good ol' fashion pizza party every now and again. While it's become a bit of a meme that corporate only give out pizza parties to those who are doing a great job, I personally think free food in the workplace is always a good thing!

Any free food is great food, but pizza parties are the best!

studies show that a happier workplace is a more efficient one as well. Most evidence shows that engaged teams outperform poorly engaged teams by 22 percent. A pizza party can help make the workplace more fun, but some suggest that it should be given as a fun treat, and not a reward. Other research says that it doesn't even work at all!

Who knew the idea of a pizza party could be so complicated?

@b100qcHappy national pizza party day Quad cities! #pizza #pizzaparty #work #radio #radiotok #foryou #joke #quadcites #b100♬ Pizza Party - Marshall Wyatt


Personally I think we've all worked hard this year, and deserve a pizza party day!

In the end, National Pizza Party Day is more of a joke holiday, but it is recognized by multiple National Holiday calendars. So you still have time to tell your coworkers about this holiday and celebrate it on the 21st!

If you miss this year it happens every 2nd to last Friday in may. So get ready for May 20th 2022! The next fun food/drink holiday is National Wine Day. That kicks off May 25th, so don't forget your wine glasses Quad Cities!

Million Dollar Quad Cities Home vs Million Dollar Los Angeles Home

We all know the joke about how much houses cost in LA. I decided that it would be fun to look at a million dollar home in LA and compare that to a million dollar home right here in the Quad Cities.
Here are the two spot we are comparing:
12513 Walsh Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90066
Cost: $1,195,000
984 sqft | 3 Bed | 2 Bath


901 46th Street Dr, Moline, IL 61265
Cost: $995,000
15,291 sqft | 6 Bed | 11 Bath

Clearly one is a bit bigger than the other.

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