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Ashlee Austin Nichols via Facebook
Ashlee Austin Nichols via Facebook

*Ding ding ding* Here's another round during fight night at Walmart. This fight though took place locally at a Quad Cities Walmart.

I video has surface on social media of a fight that broke out at a Walmart in Davenport. According to the person filming the video, the fight happened at the Walmart located at 5811 Elmore Avenue in Davenport.

This fight has it all. Female nudity, mace, strong language and masks. The best line in video comes at 4:13 where the girl yells...

"Bring your big a** outside!"

If that's not a quote, I don't know what is.

Please note the very large warnings below. Don't watch with your kids around. Unless you don't want to bring them to the store. In that case, this is a great to scare them straight back to Fortnite.

One last thing... Keep it classy QC.



** Skip to 1:23 to where the fight starts**

** Skip to 1:23 to where the fight starts**

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