It was week 4 of the B100 QCA High School Football Game of the Week and boy was it a blast! We decided to cover Rock Islands Football game against Galesburg. Galesburg was looking for their first win while the Rocks were looking to move to 500 on the season and to win their electric homecoming game. They did just that with a blow out. They won by like 30 points, but they did it with class. We had a blast partying with the Rock Island and the Galesburg crowds. This is the most unique high school football stadium I have ever seen or visited. You only see stadiums like this in Texas! We will definitely be back! Thanks for having us Rock Island! I know you will kill the rest of your season! You have to mutants on the squad. They have 1 lineman (#76) who is already committed to UNI!

Here is the recap video!

Here are the photos!


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