There was a shocking announcement recently from Walmart about permanently several centers across the U.S. including its only one in Illinois. It feels like we've been seeing a lot of businesses closing locations lately and Walmart is part of that list. These health centers were definitely a help to the communities they were in which makes it even more sad.

But when businesses like Walmart see that some parts of its business model aren't performing, that's where you need to let things end. This announcement is surprising because Walmart is in a growth period and planned to expand these health centers but now they are closing all of these centers.

To be exact, Walmart is closing all of its 51 health centers. Most of these centers were in southern states but one of them is in Illinois and it's closing soon.

Walmart Now Closing Its Only Illinois Health Center Permanently

These Walmart Health Centers were helpful for smaller communities that didn't have a close clinic, hospital, or even urgent care nearby. These centers in rural communities and just regular Walmart stores are the only places within several miles that provide a true community benefit.

Walmart began opening Walmart Health Centers back in 2019, right before the COVID-19 pandemic. With locations primarily in Texas, Georgia, Florida, and Arkansas, folks in Chicago, Illinois will all feel the negative effect. The Walmart Health Center on N Kilpatrick Ave. will soon be closing up shop.

The top brass says they plan to learn from its health centers and apply it to provide better service in Walmart's pharmacies and vision centers.

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