Call it a scam, a hack, or whatever you want, all that matters is it's something you would be best to avoid. There is a new strategy for hackers and scammers to take over your Instagram account, and they are using your friends to do it.

2020 has been a huge year for scammers since so many people are spending time online. This particular scam started in June.

If you get a DM from a friend, or anyone that says'

"I really didnt expect this to take so long, But I finally got it all done. You better love it. I even used some of your photos."

followed by a link with text that says

"they're right at the top."

DO NOT CLICK THAT LINK. Your friend's account is hacked. That friend might not even know their account is hacked so you should let them know. It is best to screen shot the message and then through a different media send them the photo. Let them know whats going on. Then delete the message.

If you did click the link you may already be compromised. What you'll need to do is change your password, and set up a two step verification.

This is one of the most advanced scams I've seen in a long time. If they get a hold of the right account that message may look very real. I got one from an old friend, and almost fell for it.

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