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AxiA via YouTube

The internet is a beautiful place. With everything going on in regards to the coronavirus, it's good to get a laugh here and there.

YouTube user AxiA directed, filmed, edited and colored this film all on his own and without a crew. The short film titled "Breaking Social Distancing," is clearly inspired by the coronavirus pandemic. It touches all sorts of points like practice social distancing, don't pick up the phone of your ex so they can come over during a pandemic, protect your essential items, and always practice social distancing. I already used that one? I figured it was important enough to say it twice.

The film features actors Joe Daru and Lauren Compton. If you're looking for a great laugh during this crisis, here's another one (in my DJ Khaled voice).

While we are talking about social distancing, make sure you get your "Get B100 Feet Away From Me" t-shirt to show people you are practicing social distancing. It helps out the River Bend Foodbank feed others in our community during these times.

You can also give it as a gift to your ex to tell them to stay away from you. Shipping is only an extra $5....

Enjoy the short film!

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