Thursday night we decided to go out on the town. A while back, I wrote a blog about a new place in the Village of East Davenport called Baked (check the story out here). Baked is a spot owned by the couple that formerly owned Brewed in the Village.

First impression was this place has a modern, rustic feel, which I think is cool. They bake their own breads and pastries as well as brew their own beer. A lot of the baked goods are made with beer. It's definitely worth checking out.

I ordered a Bakin' Burger. Pretty plane Jane. The cool part about the burger, was you could order it with a glazed donut as the bun. I skipped the donut as the bun.

When we were through with dinner, we had one of the last 2 slices of cookie dough cake. The baked goods go pretty quick and they had 2 pieces of the cake left. I was brought out by the chef, who introduced himself and asked how the food was and told us he had only been there 2 days. I've never been to a place where the chef came to the table and interacted with the customer which was totally cool.

We finished dinner with a martini and the chef came back to tell us he was working on some new menu ideas. He showed us some cheese balls he had made with crushed Flaming Hot Cheetos. They were amazing. He said there were more good things coming. I cant wait to go back. We may stop in Sunday for brunch and my buddy Doug Brundies performing.

Wes Jordan/TSM
Wes Jordan/TSM

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