Earth Hour at the WIU Is all about getting ready for earth day, celebrating multiple days each month by teaching anyone and everyone ways to help save the planet we live on.

Western Illinois University's Quad Cities campus will host a series of presentations, films and panels from 5-6 p.m. each Wednesday night during the Spring 2020 semester. This series will focus on informative topics in relation to Earth Day. The public is not only welcome, but encouraged to attend.

The month of February has some incredible events, one of them is even kicking off today at WIU.

February 5 – Climate and Weather - Eric Sorensen, WQAD Meteorologist (RH 111)

February 19 – To Save Nature is to Save Ourselves: Surviving Mass Extinction – Joel Vanderbush, Curator of Conservation & Education, Niabi Zoo.

February 26 – American Experience – The Big Burn – WQPT Screening (RH 111)

Events are also going on through March and April. For more information you can check here. The event takes place in multiple locations around Western Illinois University's Quad Cities campus and every event is different.

Earth day is April 22nd and they will also be hosting a special event on that day. While Earth day is only once a year, people our encourage to treat every day like Earth day a clean up trash, and to avoid littering. It now only helps the planet, but it also keeps the Quad Cities clean. WIU thanks you.

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