Around this time every year, we all are wondering if we are going to have a white Christmas in the Quad Cities. I assume meteorologists hate this time of year the most because it's probably the question they get the most. Then they get blamed when it snows more like it's their fault.

If you're hoping for a white Christmas this year, you might want to lower your expectations but Justin Bieber once said in this titled song,

"Never say never."

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What Are The Chances The Quad Cities Will Have A White Christmas?

Gifts under a Christmas under spruce on the wooden floor

Snow on the ground always adds that extra little holiday spirit during this time of year. After the holidays, it's annoying, dirty, and cold. If you're a person who loves a white Christmas, you might not like our answer to the question proposed in the headline.

Luckily, our wonderful news and weather partner, KWQC TV6, has top-notch meteorologists that know exactly the answer to that question. After reading their story and doing some research of my own, I now know the answer to that question isn't so simple. The answer is: it depends on your location.

Location, Location, Location

There are a few factors that come into the chances of having a white Christmas but the main one is location.

National Weather Service of the Quad Cities
National Weather Service of the Quad Cities

As you can see on the map above from the National Weather Service of the Quad Cities, the chances of a white Christmas (greater than 1 inch of snow on the ground) are higher the more north you are. The chances decrease the more south you go.

Looking At The Ghost Of Christmas Past

We also look at past Christmas holidays to see the chances of having a white Christmas in the Quad Cities. Luckily, our friends at the National Weather Service of the Quad Cities keep that data.

Irina Igumnova

From 1991 to 2021, there have been a total of 11 Christmas holidays that had 1 inch of more of snow on the ground. My math landed me at the percentage of December 25ths that were white being 36.666666%. Rounded up is 37% which is what our BFFs at KWQC also got.

We also have very cold weather and a slight chance of snow during the middle of next week. But that doesn't matter if the ground is too warm to let snow stick. Iowa State University says the ground temp in the QC is pretty warm right now, but that could change with this cold blast and mid-week flurries.

A white Christmas isn't out of the question, but don't be surprised if it doesn't happen.

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