I love pizza. I love carry-out pizza, take and bake pizza, making my own, calzones, pizza pockets...you get the idea.

Sometimes, when you cant have any of those, you go to the store and you grab the next best thing...frozen pizza. Nothing goes better with a ball game with the guys at your pad then a good frozen pizza. Here's the best part, it's cheap.

According to Uproxx, these are the top 10 frozen pizza brands:

1.  Red Baron.

2.  DiGiorno's.

3.  Hot Pockets.

4.  Stouffer's French Bread.

5.  California Pizza Kitchen.

6.  Bagel Bites.

7.  Tombstone.

8.  Totino's Pizza Rolls.

9.  Amy's vegetarian, gluten free pizza.

10.  Trader Joe's.

I'm gonna give a honorable mention to Jacks Original. Great, now my stomach is growling.

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