Next weekend, Iowans will be able to shop for clothing without having to pay sales tax.

The annual tax free holiday is the perfect chance to purchase back-to-school clothes for your kids while saving some money at the same time.

So which items does the tax free weekend-which takes place August 3 and 4- include? That's a bit complicated to explain, but the Des Moines Register did a breakdown:

Basically, there are 110 items that are covered. They include typical clothing like dresses, pants, shorts, and shirts and a few unexpected items like diapers, bridal wear, and cowboy boots. A full list of covered items can be found here.

Unfortunately, most accessories, backpacks, and purses do not make the cut.

Items must be under $100 to qualify. Online shopping is included, as long as the items are ordered and paid for during August 3 or 4. All businesses that sell qualifying items must participate in the holiday.

Find out more info about the tax free holiday here.

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