My friend called me frantic last year when her teen rebelled. Ever felt that sting?

Parenting teens is not for the timid. I've said it before and I'll say it again. We all have our ups and downs with parenting and I know for a fact, it wasn't a vacation in paradise for my parents, either.

Remember when we were teens and did our fair share of ridiculous things?

I got a text from my friend last year. Her son wanted to pierce his eyebrow. He didn't ask her for permission, he flat out told her that he was going to do it but also led her on about wanting her consent. Before she had a chance to finish discussing it with him, he went ahead and did it anyway, his friends encouraging him, even though she said no. She was so upset and hurt. I understood. I would have been, too. All I could do is give her advice on how I would handle that situation and tell her, no matter what, she had this.

She had this because she was strong. She had this because she was a good Mom. She had this because, no matter what, she loved her kid and was going to make the best decision she could given the circumstances.

Isn't that all any of us can do? At the end of the day, after all the hours at work, at the grocery store, at extra-curricular activities, awards banquets, in the car, hosting friends, giving money for movies, shopping, crying with your kids during break ups, and even after all the disagreements, we are still enough.

Sometimes, all parents need is a reminder that stuff is going to happen and that we got this. We seek the help of our friends, family, counselors, elders and coworkers. We do the best that we can to prepare our kids for adulthood. It's not always easy but always remember, YOU are enough.