Americans will spend almost $4 BILLION on a night out for Valentine's Day this year.  If you're looking to save some cash, here are a couple restaurants in the area offering promotions that will let you eat for free or cheap . . .

1.  Hooters.  Hooters will give you 10 free wings if you bring in a picture of your ex and let them shred it for you.

2.  Qdoba Mexican Eats.  They're doing a promotion called "Qdoba for a Kiss", which is good for a buy-one-get-one-free entree on Valentine's Day.  You just have to kiss your significant other . . . or if you're single, they say you can plant one on a photo of your favorite celebrity on your cell phone.

If you don't want to go free but cheap, I heard that some McDonalds are taking reservations for Valentine's Day (the restaurant in Muscatine is doing it), and Hy-Vee Market Grills are as well. My other favorite is the heart-shaped pizzas from Papa Murphy's. Remember, Valentine's Day falls on a Tuesday this year...Taco Tuesday!!! It's the thought that counts...RIGHT FELLAS?




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