With holiday breaks getting closer, it's about time to clean off the reminders that have been on the white board all season. But that can be surprisingly tough. Some markers just won't wipe off. So, we found a good hack for you.

I struggled trying to clean off the board in our studio to add more space for doodles important reminders. I figured the surefire way to get it off was with Clorox wipes. My main concern was the chemical combination; would I be creating an iffy odor that would knock me out?

Luckily, one B100 listener helped me out. Liz said that using Clorox wipes would work, but require a lot of elbow grease. The better option would be to use hand sanitizer and a paper towel.

It was like magic. The marker came off immediately and the board is now shiny and ready to use. Am I a little nervous about using something that strong on my hands now? Yes. But if you're using a whiteboard for anything, this is the route to go!

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