Oscar-award winning actress, Susan Sarandon was at Fresh Blends in Davenport, IA. this week.

When I got the call, I was stunned. A woman I've admired for her acting and activism, was going to be in the Quad Cities, more specifically, at one of my favorite places (Fresh Blends in Davenport).

So what brought her here? Women's health.

Fresh Blends was honored to host approximately 20 women for an intimate discussion with Susan Sarandon about the biggest issues women face in health today. The women in attendance addressed a range of topics including maternal mortality rates, the environment, single motherhood, immigration, opioid addiction, mental health and our right to have access to clean food, water and air.

For about an hour, Susan listened, participated and discussed the issues most important to the women in attendance. I have to give a shout-out to Eric, the son of Fresh Blend's owner, Liane Devore. He brought up an issue near and dear to women that none of us did. It got quite the response and positive feedback, claps and smiles from everyone there, including Susan. It was truly and unforgettable moment. In my opinion, we need more men like Eric.

She also openly endorses Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. We discussed his campaign and the things she believes he would do to help women. After her last sip of green juice, she took selfies with everyone there.

It was a real honor to be able to be there, witness and participate in such a special, private event. It was a unique opportunity to be able to talk face-to-face with someone as passionate about health and helping people, as Susan Sarandon.

When she finally did leave, I think we were all left with a feeling of hope that she will advocate for what's important to this intimate group of Iowan women who got to talk with her.


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