“Dick Tracy: A Live Radio Play” is opening March 11 and running through March 20 here in the Quad Cities. It's at the The Black Box Theatre in Moline Illinois.

exciting investigation featuring sleuth, Dick Tracy! Dick Tracy and The Case of the Big Top Murders is a whodunnit focusing on the renowned sleuths investigation of murder and mayhem in a traveling circus company. Who killed the clown? And Why? Can you solve the crime?

I figured to celebrate this show we here at B100 would solve a few mysteries of our own with you!

 Many names are famous when it comes to mysteries and radio, but a huge name at one point was 'Ellery Queen.' That name was tied to a popular 1 minute long mystery radio show in the 70s.

With mysteries that old I figured these questions would be tough, and boy was I right! How many can you solve?

#1 Deep sea Murder. lets start with the only one I got right.

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#2: Crossword Puzzle murders. I didn't get this one...

#3: The Mysterious Ham. I thought this would be about food... I was wrong.

#4. Counterfeit Politician. Okay spoiler, but you gotta know history for this one!

#5: Genuine Article. Okay I honestly had no idea with this one. Like WHAT?!

#6. Time Bomb. I kinda love this one.

#7: The Bathtub Murder. WHAT?!

It's funny to hear how time can affect some of these mysteries. How did you do on solving them? don't forget you can test your skills live here in the QC this month!

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