We gotta adjust for inflation somehow.

At least once a year I look through all of my crap to try to figure out what might be worth something that I could resell and at least get something like 50 cents for. If you have kids, you likely do this more often with the clothes they outgrow and the toys they quit playing with. Money is always something we're scraping to come across but we may be overlooking a great way to get it, at least in Illinois.

The Golden Treasure Hunt


Okay so maybe it's not as mythical and 'yoho' as an 'x marks the spot' treasure hunt but it could be just as effective. And actually kind of legal.

Several TikTokers have videoed themselves doing this because why not and they have found very valuable items.

It's legal to dumpster dive in Illinois, as long as you don't get caught, according to Bizarre Hobby. Sounds obvious, right? A lot of stuff is 'as long as you don't get caught'. But in this case, it means getting caught trespassing. Don't go for dumpsters on private property since there might be cameras around and you could get caught.

That being said, the dumpster by my apartment is considered 'private' but the dumpster divers that are often there are very nice people. I'll even bring them leftovers when I take out the trash if I have anything.

What You Can Find


Yeah obviously it can be gross but if you want to dumpster dive, it's suggested that you try it in the wealthier areas because just think what those folks might be throwing away. It wouldn't be farfetched for you to find hundreds of dollars worth of untouched makeup products, designer items, or old jewelry.

Whether the viral TikToks are staged or not, there's no denying that people often throw away some nice things. Especially stores that have leftover stock. Dumpster diving at night isn't illegal in Illinois either, if you want to throw on a flashlight helmet.

Before you pick up the hobby, it's good to familiarize yourself with codes and regulations in different cities. Some cities do require a license or permit for you to dumpster dive. Look into that before you hop in a dumpster to find your fortune.

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