Thanksgiving is here and it's time to gobble up every plate of food you can. My personal record is three (I'm a small human, cut me a break!). But as great as the short-term satisfaction is, the long-term guilt can be rough.

After all, Thanksgiving dinner isn't exactly the healthiest meal you can have. So I decided to figure out some ways around the guilt. My logic: the feeling goes away as long as the calories do, right? Right. But you have to do this in a healthy way.

Heading straight to the gym is an option, but can be hard on your body. Plus, be honest, does anyone ever really want to go to the gym? Here are a few easier, more fun options.

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    Once Thanksgiving is over, it's shopping time. Some stores are even open on Thanksgiving! (Though these particular stores won't be this year). Between navigating the crowds on Black Friday, and quickly typing in your credit card number on Cyber Monday, you can easily burn off that seventh dinner roll you had on Thanksgiving.

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    Playing or Watching Football

    For some families, a quick game of touch football on Thanksgiving is a beloved tradition. It burns off some of the kids energy and gets you ready to watch the pros play later in the day.

    Playing yourself will burn a ton of calories, but so will just watching. The Bears have been having a ROUGH season, but maybe they'll pull it together for us?

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    Putting Away Leftovers

    After the feast, there's almost always leftovers. It's just part of the day. How can leftovers help you get rid of calories, you ask?

    Think about when you're putting them away in the fridge. It's like an extreme game of Tetris. You have to stretch to move things to the back of the fridge, do some squats to get to the lower shelves, and reach up high in the cabinets to put the dishes away.

    It's a full-body workout!

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    Lyle Mallen

    Putting Up Christmas Decorations

    This is kind of like the process of putting away leftovers, just a little more meticulous. Lugging the ornament boxes up from the basement, or maybe down from the attic, can serve as weight training. You can probably work on your vertical jump when putting the tree topper on too! If you really want to be an overachiever, you can put all your lights up outside too. And while you do it, you can listen to our COMMERCIAL FREE Christmas music!

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    Listen to B100

    All through the weekend, we're going to continue having your favorite music going. So whether it's while you're doing the dishes, or a little background music for post-dinner conversation, you can dance it out to Lizzo (because let's be real, you can't NOT dance to Lizzo). By the time you're danced out, you'll be ready for round one of leftovers and you can start the process over again!

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