The first week of 2020 feels more like Fall than an Iowa winter. It's still hard to believe that we had snow in October and for Halloween in 2019, but we are getting barely, if any, snow in January.

Today Iowa weather is hitting our 20th consecutive day of above normal temps. We are even a seeing potential of rain, definitely not normal for this time of year, but Iowa weather has never been the most predictable.

Christmas day 2019 was also very strange with temperatures in the 50's. Something we hadn't seen since 1936. Iowans had mix feelings about this. Some obviously missing that beautiful Iowa Snow. Others loving the easy driving, and beautiful weather.

With 2019 and 2020 already breaking records with the hottest temps this time of year, one might start to wonder when we will start seeing that snow. While it may not be snow right away it dose appear we may be getting a taste of a cold front sooner rather than later.

Those who can't wait for snow seem to think it's coming very soon, and will bring a long rough winter with it. knowing Iowa, they are could easily be right. Others hold out hope that this is a sign that we will have a very light winter in 2020 which again knowing Iowa, is also very possible.

What do you think the rest of our winter of 2020 will hold for?

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