Alleman Catholic High School football fans will not have a chance to cheer for their Pioneers during the upcoming 2023 high school football season. School officials announced that they will not be fielding a varsity team this fall.

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On Wednesday, school officials from Alleman Catholic High School in Rock Island announced that they will not be putting together a varsity football team for the 2023 high school football season.

The letter, which came from Alleman principals Jane Barrett and Mike Lootens, along with Athletic Director Mark VanNatta, explained that they have informed the Western Big 6 Conference of their decision and the reasons why they won't be able to field a team this fall. The letter begins by saying,

"Dear Alleman Parents and Community,

With great thought, discussion and deliberation, Alleman Catholic High School has informed the schools of the Western Big 6 Conference that the school will not be fielding a varsity football team for the 2023 season. Schools were told of this decision at a meeting of conference principals and athletic directors in Galesburg on Wednesday, January 18, 2023.

Officials say that the large graduating senior class and a young upcoming group was another issue that was part of this decision saying,

Our football team will graduate 10 seniors from this year's 30-member squad. A majority of the 10 were two-way players, leaving a rather inexperienced group to play next season. This decision was based primarily in consideration of the health and safety of our players, and Alleman wanting to guard against fielding a team of primarily underclassmen in our highly-competitive conference."

Alleman officials said they do intend to reevaluate the decision next Spring; in the meantime, the school plans to field a Junior Varsity team for the 2023 season. Officials say that more details on the JV team will follow but the hope that is that they can resume full conference play in the 2024 season.

Principals Barrett and Lootens and Athletic Director VanNatta finished the letter by saying,

"We [hope] that this action will allow Alleman's Football Program to be recharged and reinvigorated, hopefully encouraging more young men to become part of the football program. Alleman Catholic High School has a long and storied history of football success. We are not turning our back on this success; rather, we are looking for a path forward that promotes future success."

More details can be found in the announcement below.

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