Bettendorf residents, do you think you're friendly? Well, according to Only In Your State, you are. The listicle website recently ranked Iowa cities on their level of friendliness and comprised a top ten. Bettendorf was ranked as number 7 and here's their reasoning:

-Only In Your State

Well, I do have to agree that Bettendorf does have great schools, nice homes (although not always affordable), and lots to do. If I were the person writing the list, I would also have included that the town also has beautiful parks, great restaurants (hello, Crust!), and genuinely nice people, all of which make it a friendly place to visit or live.

Then again, I feel that way about the rest of the Quad Cities, too. All of the QCs have unique features that help make our area great. And yeah, I'm still bitter about Davenport being named one of the most miserable cities in Iowa. I would much rather the QCA make positive lists than negative ones.

Check out who else made the list of most friendly Iowa towns here.

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