Just a few days after his meeting with IL. Governor Rauner, Chance the Rapper did something amazing.

When they say 'Put your money where your mouth is,' Chance the Rapper absolutely did.

A week after winning three Grammys and just a few days after a meeting last Friday with IL. Governor, Bruce Rauner, and feeling 'frustrated' after he left, there was really only one thing left for him to do. He could have walked away and continued to negotiate a complex and on-going problem, but he didn't. He took action.

Even Michelle Obama took note and gave thanks.

With funding (or lack there of) greatly effecting  Quad Cities schools, including cuts made to music and art programs, I wish the State could figure out the 'issues' and quit letting our kids hang in the balance. While we may continue our frustration here, I applaud his donation to his community and the attention it will bring to the currently-broken system in Illinois.

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