Ready to take on a new challenge?

Summer is here and you have to figure out what activities to get the kiddos into. Baseball is fun but it's getting hot outside. The idea of sitting inside of an icebox doesn't sound too bad.

That's why there's Davenport's Learn To Skate classes.

Learn to skate
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No you don't have to buy skates for you (or your kid) to take these classes. The class fee includes weekly skate rental and two free admissions to public skate sessions.

They have multiple levels for kids, teens, and adults. Levels include:

  • Snowplow classes (ages 3-5, beginning skills)
  • Basic 1-6 levels (ages 6+)
  • Free Skate levels (ages 6+, advanced skills)

The classes are on Thursday nights and Saturday mornings, with some homeschool times available on Mondays.

City of Davenport
City of Davenport

Adults can learn too with Adult Beginner & Intermediate levels. If I can learn to skate as an adult, you can too!

The Learn To Skate program is held at The River's Edge in downtown Davenport (700 W. River Drive).

All of the instructors are SafeSport certified and professionally accredited through Learn to Skate USA.

To figure out what class you and/or your kiddo should sign up for, you can see the requirements for each level here. If your kid wants to play hockey, it's definitely a good idea to sign them up for skating lessons first.

How To Register

  1. To take Davenport's Learn To Skate classes, you have to visit Learn to Skate USA and renew/create a membership for your skater. If there are multiple skaters in your family, each one will need their own membership. The cost is $17.25 and includes insurance coverage. This required membership is valid until June 30th of the year following your membership start date.

    2. Once that membership is obtained, your skater will have a Learn to Skate number that begins with L#######. This number is required for registration into our program.

    3. Register your skater with Davenport Parks and Recreation by calling (563) 328-7275, visiting the River's Edge in person, or online at Classes can be found under the "Sports & Wellness" category.

A 30 or 45 minute break from the heat and humidity this summer sounds pretty good. I'll see you at the rink!

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