Davenport is yet again appearing in the 'Nightmare On Zillow Street' Facebook group.

If you want entertainment at work, I suggest scrolling through the 'Nightmare On Zillow Street' Facebook group. The group features houses from all over the country that aren't exactly winners. It's the houses that might have some kind of weird decor, are really falling apart, have mysterious stains, or anything weird that just makes you think "oof". It's featured a Davenport home before, as well as one in Geneseo and another in Garner.

A McClellan Heights house is in it now and the listing this time has me in stitches.

It's at 202 Forest Road and is on the market for $300,000. It's a 4 bedroom, 3 bath and is 2,971 sq. ft. Honesty is key so here are the best moments from the listing description:

WHERE"S WALDO? Discover the Diamonds In This Rough - there's even a Baby Grand Piano that stays, if you can find it! Not for the faint of heart. BONES ARE GOOD, but this home NEEDS WORK...


How do you spell opportunity? F-i-x-U-p-A-n-d-S-a-v-e. Being Sold AS IS, where is. (Estate will remove SOME contents of its choosing).

If those alluring phrases aren't key indicators of what's to come, I don't know what is. Normally the listing fluffs up these rough houses in a laughably unrealistic way but not this one. And it's true, the bones of the house look fine. The rest of it does indeed need work.

Scroll down to see pictures of the Davenport house that's considered a "Nightmare on Zillow Street"!

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