A toilet was thrown through a Board of Education building window by a man in Illinois.

I have attended school board meetings in Rockford. At times, they can get ugly. People get upset and arguments start.

Luckily around here, there's only been a war of words. It doesn't get violent.

In East St. Louis, Illinois, things got destructive.

According to kmov.com,

"A Florida man is facing charges for allegedly throwing an old toilet through the front glass of the East St. Louis Board of Education Office on Friday."

"Police say he carried an old toilet to the Board of Education building, which is located at 10th and State Street, and threw it through the front glass. He then fled."

"Officers said they later found him sitting on another old toilet at the intersection of 11th and Cleveland, where they arrested him."

At this point, there's no explanation why he did it.

Apparently, he has a collection of old toilets.


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