An Illinois woman got a nice payday after winning an Iowa lottery game.

Nancy Hernandez from Davis Junction, Illinois, won $50,000 after she bought a lottery ticket at a Kwik Star in Bettendorf.

It's the Kwik Star at 2283 53rd Ave. (I go to this one often and thought about buying a lottery ticket there. Instant regret.)

The game Nancy won on was the "Super Cash" scratch-off game that is a $5 scratch game that has eight top prizes of $50,000 and overall odds of 1 in 3.40, according to the Iowa Lottery. Nancy's win is the 7th top prize to be claimed in the game.

She claimed her prize Monday at the Iowa Lottery's regional office in Cedar Rapids. Congrats to Nancy!

QCA Lottery Winners

There's been plenty of lottery luck in the QCA recently. Just last week, a Camanche woman won $50,000 on a scratch-off. Earlier this year, a Dubuque man set a record with a $40 million lottery win, and for one insanely lucky Bettendorf man, he won the lottery twice in one year.

I'm just happy if I scratch off maybe 5 bucks on those things.

Back in March, one Davenport woman won over $59,000 on the Iowa Lottery's InstaPlay and a Dubuque woman and a Clinton woman both had big lottery wins in the spring.

You can get more details about Iowa Lottery's games and see the odds, top prizes, and more on their website at It's time to keep your fingers crossed that some of this QCA lottery luck happens to you.

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