Iowa's Governor and Attorney General are celebrating big time today after claiming victory in a lawsuit against the Biden Administration. The lawsuit was over the issue of selling a certain type of gas year-round.

After a nearly two-year-long legal battle with the Biden Administration, Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird has ended her lawsuit and announced that the state is victorious in the case.

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Starting in 2025, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds will be able to legally request the sale of E15 gasoline during the summer. This comes after the Biden Administration changed its ruling.

Iowa Governor Will Be Able To Ask For Gas In 2025

On Tuesday, Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird announced victory in her case against the Biden Administration for year-round E15 gasoline. Attorney General Bird is now ending her lawsuit, given the Biden Administration’s new rule that grants Gov. Kim Reynolds’ request for the sale of E15 gasoline during the summer.

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“I am excited to announce that we won our case against the Biden Administration for year-round E15 gasoline and will be officially ending our lawsuit," Attorney General Bird said in response to winning the lawsuit. "I should not have to sue Biden in the first place to get him to follow the law, but I am glad that he finally did the right thing by permitting the sale of E15 gasoline during the summer months."

Attorney General Bird thanked Governor Kim Reynolds for "spearheading this fight" which began nearly two years ago.

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds also has a response to Attorney General Bird dropping the lawsuit saying, “As governor of the nation’s top ethanol-producing state, it is my responsibility to ensure our hard-working farmers have access to every market available. I appreciate Attorney General Bird joining this fight to provide Americans cheaper, cleaner-burning E15 year-round. While ending this lawsuit is a victory against the Biden Administration and their attack on American Energy Independence, there is still more work to be done."

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Reynolds went on to say that the Biden Administration’s delay of year-round E-15 for 2024 will not only hurt American consumers but also Iowa producers.


According to CRS Reports, E15, which is a fuel blend of up to 15% ethanol and 85% gasoline, typically cannot be sold during the summer driving season since it doesn't meet the gasoline Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP) requirements, which limit fuel volatility under the Clean Air Act (CAA).

The rule allowing Gov. Reynolds to request the sale of E15 gasoline year-round is set to take effect in 2025.

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