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Unlike Iowa's 'Best Cookie,' Iowa's most searched food actually tastes good. (Sorry to all of you corn cookie lovers out there.) Delish recently compiled a list of the most searched food items on Pinterest from each state, and Chex Mix (homemade, not store bought) came in at number one.

I have never done a Pinterest search for Chex Mix, but I'm a huge fan of it. I've never even attempted to whip up a batch myself, but maybe I will now so that I can officially feel like an Iowan. Here is an easy Chex Mix recipe that you can make in your Crock Pot (love that idea).

Here's an Instagram user's photo of an adorable little girl making Chex Mix:

You could be cute and make Chex Mix in the Crock Pot like that toddler!

Illinois, in comparison, had an incredibly random most searched food. Wild Rice Soup (huh?) is what the Land of Lincoln is craving (and searching for most) these days. I'm not even sure what ingredients go into Wild Rice Soup, but apparently it's a hugely popular menu item at Panera Bread. If you're interested in making it, here is a recipe.

Check out the rest of the list here.

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