To start I must say that this movie is kinda dumb, with goofy dialogue, and character arc’s being dropped. That being said This is my new favorite Star Wars movie.

Critics gave this movie a 54%, but now that the fans have seen this movie, their rating for it on Rotten tomato is... 86% (at the time of writing this)

(Spoiler free)

Story wise I would say it does not really hold up to the classics like a New Hope, or Empire Strikes Back, but boy does this movie look awesome! The best part for me is the acting and practical effects. The entire cast is having fun with it, which in turn made me have fun.

I’m someone who’s never taken Star Wars too seriously, that’s why I didn’t love The Last Jedi. I appreciated it as a film, but found myself getting bored more often. At it's face value Star Wars is just some good space wizards with laser swords vs Bad space wizards with an army and laser swords. IN SPACE. It’s always been meant to be fun.

Every actor brought their all and it truly shows. Oscar Isaac stood out to me in his role as 'Poe Dameron' He and Adam Driver have really been consistent with great performances in all three movies. Daisy Ridley also did a wonderful job as 'Rey.' The acting from everyone was, again very solid. You could tell that they loved what they were doing.

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As an ending to these three movies I think it fit perfect, but as an ending to the 42 year saga it does fall a bit short though. In it's defense what movie could truly end something so iconic?

It makes perfect sense why critics didn’t love this movie and why fans did love it. To be fair there is a lot of fans service, but also a lot of fun to be had with this movie.

Final score: 8/10

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All I wanted in this movie was to see some of my favorite characters from the prequels to come back sadly we do not see them physically, but we hear them. You can hear Samuel L Jackson‘s voice, Hayden Christiansen‘s, and so many others voices which was a super fun tie in.

The return of Emperor Palpatine was very interesting and Rey being the granddaughter of palpatine was fine too. I just wish they would’ve explained more about who his son was.

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