We have another awesome performance to add to your calendar. Marlon Wayans is bringing his brilliant stand-up routine and his Wild Child Tour to the Quad Cities this fall.

Marlon will be at the Adler Theatre in downtown Davenport in September and we have your tickets to see him for free.

About Marlon Wayans

Marlon Wayans films have grossed more than $736 million in the domestic box office and $1 billion in the global box office. As a standup comedian, he is selling out nationwide and adding shows every weekend. He hit a career milestone with his highly anticipated first-ever stand-up comedy special “Woke-ish” which premiered on Netflix in February of 2018.

Wayans can be seen starring in the Netflix movie SEXTUPLETS which tells the story of Alan (Wayans), a man embarking on a personal journey to meet his birth mother before the arrival of his first child. When Alan meets his brother, Russell, he discovers that he was born a sextuplet and decides to seek out his four other siblings (all played by Marlon). Together, the two brothers set out on a road trip to track down the rest of the family that they’ve never known. The film is slated to premiere on the streaming site in August of 2019.

Wayans has recently wrapped production for Sofia Coppola’s Apple-A24 movie ON THE ROCKS opposite Rashida Jones and Bill Murray.

Score Tickets To See Marlon Wayans

Tickets to see Marlon Wayons are on sale starting Friday, June 28th, at 9 a.m. You can buy your tickets by clicking here to see Marlon at the Adler on Thursday, September 19th.  The performance is an 18+ show.

Adler Theatre
Adler Theatre

Or, to save you some money, you can follow the prompts below and sign up to win tickets for free!

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