As someone who grew up going to this store a lot with family it's sad to see that Pier one has official announced that they will be closing a wide spreed of stores.

According to KWWL up to 450 Pier 1's could be closing this year. The announcement came on Monday after a reporting of their quarterly earnings. Reports stating that sales had gone down a whopping 11 percent.

along with the 450 stores closing. There will be cutting at corporate and distribute centers this year. No other word of cuts have been announced.

Pier 1 has 936 stores currently in operation, the first store opened  in 1962. There is no word on what specific stores or locations of said stores closing out of the 936.

Many fans are making last runs to their closest Pier 1's as the fate of the stores here in Iowa are currently unknown. Were you a frequent shopper at pier 1? If not are you planing on going in before it closes's it's doors for good?

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