So, do you have a dog that will protect you at all cost? They call dogs "Man's Best Friend" for a reason. The dog doesn't know the difference between a man and a cop. Mostly because there is no difference. Dogs can sense nerves and sense danger.

There have been many instances where a cops will break a door down to get to a suspect and a dog will attempt to protect their owner. Many times the dog will be shot and killed by the officer without a bat of an eye. The cop needs to protect themselves somehow right? There have been cases where cops have been sued because of this. Many of the cases thrown out as the cop pleaded self defense.

Well now it won't be an issue for officers to shoot dogs if they feel threatened. There was a FEDERAL law passed giving police officers the right to shoot dogs if they feel threatened. In fact if a dog barks or even moves, a cop can shoot them on the spot as long as they feel threatened.

This is a law in effect in all of the US and here in the Quad Cities on both sides of the river. Be sure not to catch suspicion of the law... You can cost your dog it's life!

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