And I thought we had it bad with blackbirds attacking QCA folks. The thought of a rat running around my home or place of work makes me feel ill, but that's exactly what Galesburg, IL residents have been contending recently, according to WQAD.

Inhabitants of Lincoln Ave have been inundated with rats that seem to be coming from a house with a large pile of garbage and debris in the backyard. Last week, inspectors found that the house has no running water and is not up to code.

Among other issues, residents have witnessed rats climbing into air conditioners, running through offices, and even invading homes.

-Brian Hall, owner of Galesburg plumbing business next door to the house.

An emergency neighborhood meeting was held Friday to help come up with solutions for the rodent issue. First off, the city is planning on relocating the residents of the home that's spawning the rats.

I would assume removing the garbage pile will come next. Besides the rat issue, I would think the entire neighborhood has to smell awful by now. Hopefully, further action will be taken to combat the problem so that Galesburg citizens can rest easier, and rat-free.

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