We all remember that excitement of waking up on a snowy winter morning with hope of school being cancelled for the day.  You would rush to the TV or radio and wait for your school to be announced.  Then with a cheer you'd plop back in bed for a couple hours, and then it would be snow play day in the neighborhood.

The COVID pandemic has changed so many aspects of our life, and while many of them will return to normal down the road, the virus is putting an end to beloved childhood school snow day.  Why take a snow day when everyone can just hop online and do all their learning from home.

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School districts from Iowa City to Des Moines and all across the Midwest have already discovered this option.  Schools need 1,080 hours of time per year in Iowa.  Virtual hours count in this total.  So again, why take a snow day in January and then potentially have to make it up in June when you can just have your school day virtually.

Other districts across Iowa have already said that on snow days they will not be teaching virtually.  The Waukee district has said that all students will have a snow day, including those that already are learning virtually.

At this point, schools in the Quad Cities have not stated an official policy on if snow days will turn to virtual learning days.  I say it's time to make an official policy.  And the policy should be, "snow day for all!".  Think about that excitement you had when you knew snow was on the way.  That thrill you had when you saw the blanket of snow the next morning.  That fun you had on a random Tuesday off.  Yeah, even if you knew you'd have to make it up at the end of the year, it was still such a great feeling to have a snow day.  Don't take that joy away from these kids.  Let them be kids so they can see and hear those three glorious words "school is cancelled".

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