After coming to the conclusion that Max may in fact be the person who killed her sister, Liz decides to keep him close at hand, pretending to help him investigate his rage bursts while secretly gathering evidence to prove he killed Rosa.

Luckily, Liz has more to go on than just Max. Apparently, Rosa left clues about her life all around Roswell. Thanks to a mixtape whose song titles all have double meanings, Liz and Maria follow the trail and eventually find a note to Rosa from someone named “Ophiuchus,” a.k.a. the 13th zodiac sign - perhaps the "fraudulent zodiac" Rosa had written about on her hand?

Meanwhile, Alex and Michael are still struggling to find their footing, but at least their troubles aren't because one of them is a murderer (right?). It's mostly because of Alex's dad. Rough dude.

Deciding she's had enough of Liz's poking around, Isobel decides to take MIchael's suggestion of getting into Liz’s head to make her leave town. But when Isobel tries, she finds her own memories of Rosa. It's jarring enough that she doesn’t succeed in getting Liz to leave town, but she does find out that Liz loves Max just as much as he loves her. (Yay!).

Hot on the trail of clues, Liz and Maria find one last item: a love letter from Max. Instantly jumping to the worst conclusion, Liz hunts him down and accuses Max of being in love with her sister. But no, Max has only ever loved Liz, and he wrote the letter for her. Rosa intercepted it and was furious, telling him to leave her sister alone, and that's the glimpse of her angrily shoving him Liz saw.

Liz finally asks him, point blank, if he killed Rosa, and Max is torn up by the question. So we finally have a straight answer: no he didn't. He would never do that to Liz. Even still, she doesn't trust him yet...but we all know how she really feels.

And with that, we head into tonight's episode.

Don't forget to keep an eye out for me as you watch. During the show, I'll pop in with the Roswell Word of the Week. You'll want to write it down because tomorrow during my show, it'll be your key to winning a Quad Cities' CW swag bag!

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