We finally got some answers on Roswell, New Mexico last week, but of course, it created even more questions!

Here's what we know: Max didn't kill Rosa, and he definitely wasn't in love with her. But she was seeing someone, and that someone hurt her. They hurt her so thoroughly that she kept dropping cryptic pieces of advice, like "build a cage around your heart."

Unfortunately, that's one piece of advice Liz heeded, and she still can't let herself trust Max fully. She is confiding in Kyle though, which proves problematic for Max and his siblings. Isobel wants to make another pass at warping Liz's mind to convince her to leave town.

Isobel decides to practice at the bar before she tries though, to "power up." There, she learns that on the night Rosa died, she left the bar specifically because she was avoiding Isobel. A new mystery begins.

And with that, a different mystery ends – actually, two mysteries end. The first is the identity of Rosa's mystery man. Based on a letter to Rosa, compared to a signature in her yearbook, it seems that she was having an affair with Kyle's dad!

Mystery number two: Rosa didn't actually kill those two girls on the night of her car accident. That was Michael. And that's where it ENDED. So, we have lots of questions going into tonight.

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