A house in Rock Island is getting attention online and not because it's just that gorgeous.

The Facebook group "Nightmare On Zillow Street" highlights homes for sale that have something clearly wrong with them. A home in Davenport was on the list for basically falling apart. A home in Garner was on the list for it's unique design choices, and one in Geneseo made it in the group too.

Some features that might put a home in the "Nightmare On Zillow Street" group are things like weird decor, mysterious stains everywhere, clearly rotting or inferior infrastructure, complete lack of cleanliness, etc. They are houses that you would see and just think "oof."

The Rock Island House

Now a house is for sale in Rock Island that has meandered it's way into the group. The house, listed on Zillow, is at 426 11th Street and is $19,000. The house was built in 1920, it's a single-family house, has natural gas and forced air, and two garage spaces. It's 5 bedroom, 2 bath, and 1,961 sq. ft.

To be honest, I struggled to tell the rooms apart. You'll definitely see why. Comments on the house in the group include:

Looks like the upside down in Stranger Things.


Hey....with the price of housing all across the country this seems like a deal.at $19,000. That's some guaranteed sweat equity. Just find a priest to perform the exorcism and should be good to get started


I was looking for a house that smelled like death, it’s so cool that they included a photo of one so I didn’t have to visit so many open houses looking for one!

That last comment references some kind of animal corpse (we blurred that out in the pic out of respect for whatever it was, since I literally can't tell) that's in the house.

So maybe it's a fixer-upper if you trimmed the vines and did a lot of work inside. Scroll down to see pics of Rock Island's "Nightmare On Zillow Street"!

See Why This Available Rock Island House "Needs An Exorcism"

A house for sale in Rock Island is definitely a fixer-upper.

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