If you and your kids love your furry friends and want to share how great they are, the Quad Cities has just the event for you! You have the chance to show your pets with a virtual pet show and tell in Rock Island. Registration is required and closes at noon on Wednesday, February 24th.  A Zoom link will be emailed one day before the program so keep an eye out!

This is perfect for all the pet lovers out there in the Quad Cities especially since it abides by social distancing policies. It's hard for kids to see a dog out for a walk and not be able to approach the owner to chat and give Fido some love.  This event is the next best thing! While you won't be able to physically touch the other pets, it's still a great opportunity do so virtually.

Each participant from grades K-6 will get the opportunity to share what kind of pet you own, your pet's name, and what you love most about your pet. This event is taking place Thursday, February 25th at 6pm.

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Big shout out to the Rock Island Public Library for making this unique event a possibility. More information and details can be found here. 

If you and the kids are animal lovers looking for fun and safe ways to interact with other Quad Citizens in unique ways, this event is perfect for you. It also gives your kid the chance to work on communication skills with other kids in the area with their best friends in the whole wide world at their side.


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