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February is going to be a good month. Why? Not because we are getting closer to more Americans getting the vaccine, not because Valentines Day is coming up, and not because it's a short month. It's going to be a good month because the Spicy Chicken McNuggets are returning to McDonald's, along with the Mighty Hot Sauce.

In 2020, some hope was brought to the world when McDonald's announced a spicy spin on a classic. In August, they announced that the Spicy Chicken McNuggets were coming to McDonald's across the nation in September.

Spicy Chicken McNuggets; McDonald's
Spicy Chicken McNuggets; McDonald's


Not only were Spicy Chicken McNuggets being released for a limited time, but they also were launching their Mighty Hot Sauce. While we all knew the Spicy McNugget and Mighty Hot Sauce were only around for a limited time, they sold out quickly. They sold out so quickly, it felt like just another painful thing from 2020.

I mean people were super upset when Spicy Chicken McNuggets went away....

I had a chance to try them one and time and O.M.G.... Game changer. But I went back a second time only a week later to have one of my friends try them and they were gone. So much disappointment and sadness.

But with a new year comes some hope and better things. I am here to announce that Spicy Chicken McNuggets and the Mighty Hot Sauce are returning!

In an announcement on Monday, McDonald's officials announced that the Spicy Chicken McNuggets® and Mighty Hot Sauce will be returning to participating restaurants nationwide February 1.

The reason for bringing them back? Officials say it's because people asked politely.

Apparently please does go a long way!

The only sad news about this announcement is that Spicy Chicken McNuggets and the Mighty Hot Sauce are only back for a limited time. 

McDonald's is helping us spicy nug lovers out though. From February 2 - 6, customers can get a FREE 6-piece Spicy Chicken McNuggets exclusively on their McDelivery with Door Dash order of $20 or more, using code SPICY.

McDonald's ended their press release by saying,

"So let the countdown to Feb. 1 begin, and make sure to snag your Spicy Chicken McNuggets and Mighty Hot Sauce orders fast, since the hottest menu items in town won’t stick around forever.  And chicken fans can rest assured that we’re not stopping here – be on the lookout for more delicious options hitting our menus soon."

You'll catch me everyday at McDonald's getting these bad boys.

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