Things are about to get cold in the Quad Cities.  But not so cold that we'll be seeing snow.  At least not yet.  But you know it's coming.

October will start with 4 days seeing low temps in the 30's.  The lowest on the forecast right now, Sunday night down to 36.  Yeah, I think the heater is going be needed this weekend.  Of course like any good fall in the Midwest, we'll then be back to the low and even mid 70's for next week.  Heater in the morning, AC in the afternoon.  Oh, and also check the date of me typing this (9/30/2020) cause you know how fast it can change around here.

So it doesn't look like we'll be breaking any records.  The earliest we've seen measurable snow in the Quad Cities was October 18.  This took place in 1972.  Of course last year I remember trick-or-treating in about 4 inches of snow.  Coming from Houston were I was used to sweating while walking the little one around it was quite the change...for both of us!

The latest we've ever had snow was January 4.  That one took place in 1913.  Anybody remember that one?  No.  Ok, just checking.  Our average first measurable snow actually isn't until November 22.  I'd be good with this.  Let's shoot for average this year.  Nothing has been average this year so how about this one.  Really just wait till after Halloween.  I don't want another year of snow boots on the daughters princess costume.

If you want to weather nerd out on a lot more snow stats you can check them out on the National Weather Service website here.

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