Between the election craziness, the rise (and sudden fall) of Pokemon Go, and all of the shocking celebrity deaths, 2016 has been quite the year for our country. But let's not forget that a lot of awesome, thrilling, and sometimes even scary things happened in and around the Quad Cities as well. From a package thief caught in the act, to the creepy trend of scary clowns that terrified the QC in October, our fair cities have seen their share of excitement. To help lighten the mood, there are also a few fun lists mixed in. Side note: I'm pretty sure tacos will always be popular, no matter what year it is.

Here are the top 10 stories QCA residents loved in 2016:

1. Security Camera Captures Bettendorf Thief Stealing Packages- A shameless package stealer gets caught by homeowner's security system.

2. Governor’s in Moline Closing- A long time QC favorite closed its doors this past spring.

3. Davenport girl attacked at school, parents find out over Facebook- 13 year old girl punched, and her parents were the last to know.

4. Strange Vehicles in the Quad Cities Area Luring Kids- Attempted child abduction and a creepy white van put Bettendorf and Blue Grass on high alert.

5. Scary Clown Sightings in the Quad Cities- The Quad Cities were not immune to the creepy clown trend this Halloween season.

6. Three of the Most Dangerous Cities in Iowa are in the QCA- Who knew there was so much crime in our area?

7. 5 places I want to try during QC Restaurant Week- While QC Restaurant Week is over, you can get ready for next year by checking out this list.

8. 5 Movies Filmed in the Quad Cities- A surprising number of films have been shot in our area.

9. Best Tacos In The Quad Cities- Where to get your fiesta on in the QCA.

10. UPDATE: Scary Clown Caught on Video in Bettendorf- More creepy clown fun...Was the video real or faked? You decide.