One Wisconsin "town" has a particularly spooky legend attached to it.

Wisconsin doesn't have any shortage on urban legends. There's even a "ghost ship" that's completely landbound in Prairie du Chien.

The town of Haunchyville, Wisconsin itself is the legend. It's rumored to be a village in the woods (near the real town of Muskego) that consists of dwarves, according to Wikipedia. How did they get there and how did the legend begin?


The Legend of Haunchyville

Legend has it that little people who were employed by a circus revolted against their ringleader. They were tired of being exploited by him and they were done with it. Here's where it gets especially dark but it plays into the rest of the legend. According to Only In Your State, they killed him by hanging him in the woods and cut off his arms and legs. They set up their own society, Haunchyville, which is like a regular town but everyone lives in small homes.

Don't go into Haunchyville though.

If you try to enter the village, the residents are said to perform an amputation on you like they did on the ringleader so that you can live like a little person as well.

(This pic isn't actually Haunchyville but you get the point)


The Albino Protector Of Haunchyville

Only one person who has visited Haunchyville hasn't been brutally attacked. It was an albino child who ventured into the forest and found Haunchyville. He treated the residents of Haunchyville as equals so they took him in as their own and he grew big and tall and became the "Protector" of Haunchyville.

True Life Residents Are Done With Haunchyville

The Muskego Police Department dismisses the 60-year-old myth and Lt. Dave Constantineau told that the kids exploring the woods and trying to find Haunchyville is driving homeowners nuts.

In the 60 years since the myth began, more buildings are popping up in the alleged Haunchyville area so there's less horror seekers and kids going out in search of Haunchyville.

And actually, don't trespass. The Muskego Police Department is cracking down on that, issuing a $334.50 fine.

Meanwhile, here's a "survivor" of Haunchyville:

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