Downtown Rock Island got a shock this morning from one of the owners of its staple businesses. Thero Gervas, owner of Theo's Java Club Cafe announced today that after 27 years of serving up coffee, he is selling his business.

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A coffee staple in downtown Rock Island is Theo's Java Club Cafe. Since 1993, people of the Quad Cities have come to Theo's Java Club for delicious coffee and a wonderful atmosphere thanks to Theo Gervas. But in the near future, Theo will no longer be the owner of the building.

In an announcement on social media Tuesday, Gervas broke the sad news that he is looking for a buyer of Theo's Java Club Cafe. In the post, Gervas said,

"I want to thank all of you for helping me keep this dream alive for 27 years. My appreciation for you is beyond measure. It has been my pleasure to serve you!"

Gervas said that business hours will remain normal during the transition period as he finds a buyer for the business and the building. Updates will be posted so patrons of Theo's Java Club know how things are progressing.

Because Theo is selling the business and building, he of course would like help finding a buyer. Those interested in purchasing the building and business are encouraged to message him on Facebook or Instagram.

Luckily, things aren't changing yet. You can still head to downtown Rock Island and have a cup of coffee at Theo's Java Club Cafe for the meantime.

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