I don't know how or why, but people seem to mix up Iowa with what seems all the other 49 states in the Union. On Thursday morning during a segment in regards to Texas' new abortion bill, the TODAY Show brought up four other states, including Iowa and Georgia and totally got them mixed up.

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Let me be clear, this article is not about abortion or politics. This article 100% has to deal with the agitation of people who mix Iowa up with other states.

Thursday morning, NBC news reporter, Morgan Chesky, was doing a segment about Texas Governor Greg Abbott signing a controversial "Heartbeat Bill" into law, which is one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the country. During the segment, Chesky pointed out that four other states have tried the same thing, but have failed in the court system.

The four states mentioned include Arkansas, North Dakota, Georgia, and Iowa. As I glanced up at my television Thursday morning, I noticed something very odd that made me ultimately roll my eyes and shake my head. The graphics department messed up Iowa and Georgia!!!

Listen, I know that Iowa is very forgettable. Sure, Iowa sounds like Idaho and Ohio, we are in the middle of the country around other states people barely care about, and people can hardly point us out on a map. Iowa is easy to forget about or not know about. But we are relevant (kind of) during election season, we feed the country and the world, and we have a lot pigs. I mean, we can be kind of memorable!

But you would think that the graphics department of the TODAY Show and NBC would be smart enough to know the difference between Iowa and Georgia! They don't even look alike or sound alike. I guess they both end with A's, but Georgia is way more in the news than Iowa. Plus, Georgia has Atlanta, The Master's, and more national news that comes out of that state than Iowa.

See the segment below. Skip ahead to :57 seconds to see the graphic for yourself.

Every time Iowa gets confused with another state, it hurts my head. Not because people should know Iowa more, it's because the other state that it gets confused with is more relevant (most of the time) and if you use process of elimination, you would be able to know which one is Iowa compared to the other state that it's being confused with.

I know people make mistakes. I'm not perfect by any means, but if I was doing things on a national scale, I probably would do a little bit more double checking.

I'm honestly waiting for the day that Iowa gets confused with Hawaii. It's going to happen, I just know.

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