If you've been thinking to yourself, "wow, we haven't seen any thunderstorms yet this year," you aren't the only one. 2021 has been very quiet when it comes to severe weather in the Quad Cities. How quiet you ask? There has only been one Severe Thunderstorm Warning so far this year.

We've been fairly lucky weather wise this year. Even though we've had temps in the 40's in May and a cold and rainy week, severe weather in the Quad Cities has been at an extreme minimum so far this year.

According to the National Weather Service of the Quad Cities, we've only have had one, count 'em, ONE Severe Thunderstorm Warning in 2021. When was that one Severe Thunderstorm Warning issued? It was issued back on April 7th for Hancock and McDonough Counties in Illinois.

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That means we had ZERO Severe Thunderstorm Warnings in the month of May. The last time that happened was almost 29 years ago in May of 1992.

We also haven't had many tornados touch down in the coverage area for the National Weather Service of the Quad Cities. The first tornado that touched down in 2021 was in Lee County, IA back on March 23. It was a brief touch down, and the tornado was an EF-0 tornado.

The second tornado that touched down was in Linn County on the southwest side of Cedar Rapids. That tornado briefly touched down on April 7 and was also an EF-0 tornado.

Hopefully the trend of little to no Severe Thunderstorm Warnings continues throughout the summer. While some rain showers will be good for grass, gardens and crops, let's hope the winds stay low and there isn't to much lightning and thunder.

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