Add this to the list of B100 awesome give aways. I am actually typing this as I watch the current finale of America's Got Talent. AGT runner-up Derek Hughes is going to be at Augustana this Saturday and, we have a bunch of tickets to give away!

Derek Hughes is a Stand-up Magician. What is a stand-up magician you ask? It's exactly what it sounds. A Stand-up comedian and a magician mixed in 1 hilarious act. This is an act that earned Hughes runner up on the 2015 America's Got Talent season!

If you want tickets to the show simply TEXT MAGIC to 563-326-2100. You can also listen to B100 on 3 Ticket Thursday and win 3 tickets all day long!

If you aren't caught up with America's Got Talent, not to worry! We have some videos with over 3 million views on YouTube! Check them out below.

Video Credit: America's Got Talent

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