Want something a little NSFW to give the Valentine in your life? Look no further than Baked Beer & Bread Company's um, unique cookies.

All I can say is wow. If you're the type who has no problem with poking fun at the cheesiness of the holiday, these cookies are for you. Just make sure to keep the kids from reading them.

Baked is known for their fun sense of humor, with regular menu items like 'Fish Sharknado Tacos' and the 'Glazed and Confused' burger. These desserts definitely take things up a notch though. Not sure who I would buy the "you suck" cookie for, but I know several people that would appreciate the "cat lady."

One thing is for sure- the cookies are most definitely delicious (and so are a lot of their sweets), so it's not a bad idea to stop there for your Valentine treats. Just be careful who you give your cookies or you might run the risk of not having a Valentine next year.

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